The story of Tolman’s started in 1965 with 2 Dutch immigrants, Louis and Trina Tolman.
In the Netherlands, Louis worked as a butcher. When the Tolman’s came to the United States after World War II, Louis brought that trade with him to West Michigan. Louis and Trina opened a meat processing facility that supplied their 2 retail locations in Jenison and Borculo, as well as other local butcher shops and grocery stores.

Around the same time that the Tolman’s were setting up shop, a young man named Ted Vaughn II (one of our current owners) worked for a family member at butch shop in Gary Indiana, where he worked throughout high school and college.

In 1988, the Tolman’s wanted to retire and pass along their business to someone who had experience in the meat processing industry. Through family, they were introduced to former butcher, Ted Vaughn II. So Ted, along with his son Ted Vaughn III and brother-in-law of Louis Tolman (Rick Kehr), purchased the meat processing facility and Tolman’s has continued providing facilities around West Michigan with quality products and quality service.